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A holistic “back to basics” approach......

......to develop a financing strategy......

......with the future in mind


Our Services
Strategic Advice

Our Strategic Advisory Practice advises companies and their management or shareholders wishing to address a wide variety of financing and related strategic issues. We help to provide them with a “back to basics” view of their overall strategic direction and ambitions, review the financing options open to them and plot the strategy that will work best for them. These strategies, when executed, will typically entail embarking on one or multiple corporate finance transactions.

Clients include parties that are:-

  • Planning to expand by acquisition or merger, joint venture, strategic partnership, technology licensing or other collaboration
  • Contemplating a strategic investor who can import resources or technology, or provide access to new markets or products
  • Intending to raise expansion capital from private equity sources or through IPO
  • Intending to make one or more disposals of non-core businesses or assets
  • Planning to spin off a subsidiary
  • Contemplating a management buy-out
  • Needing to undergo restructuring or rationalization
  • Under pressure by shareholders to improve earnings performance and enhance or unlock value
  • Requiring some other fundamental change to their financial, operational or corporate structure

The primary objectives of our advice are to enable our clients to:-

  • Be made aware of and have the chance to properly and fully review all the possible financing and strategic options open to them, including those that they may not otherwise have considered
  • Select the most attractive and appropriate course of action, and make the right transaction with the right party at the right time
  • Enable them to enter negotiations from a position of strength to obtain the best possible outcome
  • Get set up in the best way possible to be able to undertake future or follow-on financial transactions that are consistent with their objectives (as well as those of earlier investors)
  • Identify and where necessary remedy the issues that are suppressing corporate value



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